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The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Commercial Liquid Detergent.

Highly Concentrated.

Are you tired of using expensive, ineffective household detergents?

Are you looking for a powerful new cost effective product to meet all of your commercial laundry cleaning needs?

Try K-SOLVE, the environmentally friendly commercial laundry detergent, made with an advanced formula sure to remove heavy stains and odors.

Provides superior cleaning power, yet gentle on fabric, leaving your clothes with a naturally fresh scent.

Best Results Guaranteed.

Guaranteed Savings for Commercial Laundry, T-shirt Cleaning, Wholesaler, Hospital, Hotel linen laundry services, Nail salons, spa, saunas, etc.
  1. Highly effective leading commercial liquid detergent
  2. Color enhancing formula, will brighten fabric without any fading
  3. Eliminates odors, leaving a naturally fresh scent
  4. Removes stains while gentle on fabric
  5. Fast dissolving formula with no residue
  6. No artificial dyes, Ammonia and GMO Free
  7. Environmentally friendly
  8. Septic safe
  9. Available in 1 gallon and 5 gallon packaging
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